Welcome to my collection of Bond concert photos taken at the "B.B. King Blues Club & Grill", Manhattan, New York, August 9, August 10 and December 5, 2004

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The BOND members are:

Haylie Ecker: violin

Eos Chater: violin

Tania Davis: viola

Gay-Yee Westerhoff: cello

The official Bond web site:


I have been a fan of Bond since I first saw them appear on the Raymond Weil watch TV commercial early in 2002. I then bought their CD's and their DVD of their 2001 debut concert at the "Royal Albert Hall" in London, England. I have been waiting since then for them to tour the USA. I bought my ticket for the Aug. 10th show five months in advance and then for the Aug. 9th show two months in advance when they added the second show in New York. Bond's 80 minute performance each night was spectacular. The music, the look, the performance, the choreography and the energy they brought to the stage will long be remembered. Each of the band members took turns speaking to the audience between songs (as indicated on the set list ) and you could tell that they really enjoy performing. There are no others like Bond. They are unique and they are awesome to behold. These were Bond's first two concerts in the USA and I was fortunate to capture a remembrance of the shows through my photos.

I did encounter two problems the second night: A club official stopped me from photographing after 20 minutes. I was tapped on the shoulder and told "The management said you are too close to the stage and you have to stop photographing" (even though I was not using a flash) (but the show was being displayed on a video screen and while I was on the left end of the stage the first night out of the line of sight, on the second night I was on the right side closer to the center and I may have been within the view of the video camera from that spot).

The other problem was after the second night's show, I waited on line for an hour to have Bond autograph one of my photos from the night before, but when I got to within a few feet of the autograph table, once again, the club management stepped in and said that Bond would not autograph my photo (they would only autograph a CD sleeve) and that I could not even show Bond the photo that I took and I was told to move on. Two nice people that I met that night (who sat at my table) saw what happened and convinced a waiter (who they became friendly with that day) to take my photo to Bond and got it autographed by them but the waiter brought the photo back to me although signed but personalized to the waiter's name (not mine). Even with the disappointment of not meeting Bond and not getting them to autograph my photo in front of me, it was still a great night.


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